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MD5: 2b737bf0387c65998e860b7553f4083b
Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) RC5
11.03.2017 - 320MB
- Add support to reboot Android
- Add support to maximum resolution 4096*4096
- Add support to save multiple key mappings for each game
- Add support to export file and apk from Android to Windows
- Add support to compress disk and create desktop shortcut in Multi-MEmu
- Add support to hardware-assisted decoding for video recorder
- Improve key mapping for MOBA games, like aim, cancel, adjust range, etc.
- Improve graphic quality of Netmarble Lineage2
- Improve graphic memory recycling
- Improve input method for east Asian languages
- Fix some tiny bugs
3.0.8 -
- Fix the issue of MEMU start occasionally no response
- Fix the issue of incompatible device in Google Play
- Fix the issue of unable connect Google server in Android 5.1
- Fix the issue of unchangeable device model
- Fix the issue of boss key setting
- Improve video play in wechat and whatsapp
- Add support to adjust skillshot distance in MOBA games -
- New logo
- New installation package with overwrite install support
- Switch to Android 4.4 as default and Android 5.1 is optional to download
- Add widget tool, like cleanup memory, weather forecast, change wallpaper
- Add support to keymapping for MOBA game, like Penta Storm
- Add support to keymapping pre-setting
- Add support to customize tool bar
- Add support to record audio
- Add message box
- Improve the compatibility with Context3D games
- Improve the compatibility with old AMD CPUs
- Improve the graphic quality of unreal4 engine games
- Improve the input method for some languages
- Improve shortcut keys, like boss key
- Update Google apps
- Fix some tiny bugs -
- Add support to simulate battery state
- Improve loading performance for some NV graphics
- Improve loading performance when many apps installed
- Fix an issue of occasional stuck at 99% loading
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.9.3 -
- Add support to change telecom operator
- Add language support to Vietnamese
- Fix a random no responding issue of MEmu
- Fix a random crash issue of launcher
- Improve the compatibility of unroot
- Improve the stability of apk install
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.9.2 -
- Improve the speed of MEmu startup when multiple app installed
- Improve the stability of MEmu.exe (e.g. randomly no responding)
- Improve the behavior of set window on the top
- Improve the behavior of shake and screenshot
- Improve the CPU consumption of video recorder
- Fix an issue when set window position
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.9.1 -
- Support Android 4.2/4.4/5.1 with all-in-one library
- Add support to save setting for operation record
- Speedup the launch speed of MEmu.exe
- Improve stability of Multi-MEmu.exe
- Improve import/export progress bar of Multi-MEmu.exe
- Fix an incompatible issue with Windows aero theme
- Fix an issue of occasional crash within input method
- Fix an issue of occasional crash within video recorder
- Fix an issue of occasional crash when resize window
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.8.6 -
- Fix an issue of online update daemon
- Fix an issue of repair Windows run-time environment
- Reduce the size of installation package
2.8.5 -
- Add smart GPS compass for Pokemon GO (not always north)
- Improve the stability of MEmuConsole
- Fix an issue of occasional stuck at 100% loading page
- Fix an issue of occasional session locked when startup
- Fix an issue of driver signature issue in some Windows 10 system
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.8.3 -
- Add support to change GPS speed in key mapping (Pokemon)
- Add support to locate GPS location on the basis of IP address (Pokemon)
- Fix an issue of ocassional memory leak
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.8.2 -
- Add support to Pokemon GO in Android 4.2
- Add support to GPS control in key mapping (Pokemon GO)
- Enhance functionality of operation recorder, like repeat and accelerator
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.8.0 -
- New multi-memu manager
- Add support to set top window
- Add support to modify name of memu instance
- Add support to modify save path of memu instance
- Add today’s choice function in launcher
- Improve copy&paste function for all input methods
- Improve compatibility of hardware virtualization feature with some antivirus
- Improve compatibility with some games, like HIT
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.7.2 -
- Add support to reduce the scope of WASD
- Fixed an issue of start failure in Windows XP
- Fixed an issue of video record
- Fixed an issue of install to phone
- Fixed several tiny bugs
2.7.0 -
- Add video record feature
- Add more hotkey settings support
- Improve WASD accuracy for some games
- Improve splashscreen for portrait
- Improve exit full screen button
- Upgrade Google Play
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.6.6 -
- Improve the compatibility of Nvidia graphic card with some games
- Improve the stability of APK install in Windows XP
- Fix an issue of online update
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.6.5 -
- Add shortcuts (hotkey) setting
- Improve the button appearance of exit full screen
- Improve the stability of vinput, which may cause system hang occasionally
- Improve multilingual support
- Fix full screen issue on multiple displays
- Fix movable issue of maximum window button
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.6.2 -
- Add operation record and replay
- Add virtual camera, like scan QR code from file
- Add notification pass through Windows systray
- Add support to scale window size
- Add support to set window position
- Add more multilingual support (bahasa Indonesia, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Thai)
- Improve launcher layout, like recycle bin
- Improve compatibility with Google, Chrome and Boombeach
- Improve stability of APK offline install
- Improve speed of MEmu launching
- Fix system hang issue when wake up from sleep mode
- Fix infinite loop issue of Windows driver repair
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.5.0 -
- Refresh home page, like add Facebook lite
- Add support to customize and re-size the WASD direction combo keys
- Add more multilingual support (Croatian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish)
- Improve the compatibility with Gameloft games
- Improve the uninstaller for trace cleanup
- Update ES file explorer and Google play games
- Fix some tiny bugs
2.3.1 -
- Add support for more language support (German and Korean)
- Add support for multilingual keyboard layout, including keypad
- Add support for custom launcher
- Update ES file explorer, google play games and store
- Fix the detection issue of hardware virtualization feature
- Fix some game compatibility issues
2.3 -
- Refresh the UI of keyboard mapping
- Add support for more video encoding format
- Add support for gravity sensor in four directions
- Improve the process of app installation
- Improve the setting of input method
- Fix some game compatibility issues
2.2 -
- Add function to install current running app / game to your cell phone
- Add function to check system running environment
- Accelerate MEmu window popup
- Support development tools e.g. Android Studio seamlessly
- Fix some game compatibility
2.1 -
- Key mapping: add slide support
- Add sharing-with-friends function
- Solve sound crack issue
- Support more games
- Upgrade Google services
- Fix some other minor bugs
2.0 -
- Fully compatible with AMD CPU
- New frameless application interface
- Add FAQ in tool bar
- Enhance text edit function (Ctrl+A/C/X/V) with keyboard
- Support more games
- Fix some bugs